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Rockstar Scribe Course

An online video course in the basics of Graphic Recording.


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What Students Say...

“I like taking time to connect what I’m learning to what I already know … To see how the insights apply in my part of the world.”
Wendy Wong | Singapore
“The ultimate degree of freedom, you can do everything in your own time, at your own pace.”
Werner Küper | Belgium
“Fabulous content … Great, positive attitude … a terrific, upbeat style that is warm and encouraging.”
Nancy White | Seattle
“Thank you for the great image cleanup videos! You just solved a bunch of HUGE time-sink problems! That alone will save me hours!”
Lynn Kearny | Oakland
“I really like the learning environment Alphachimp Studio has provided in our own online classroom. It is really wonderful, seeing all the posts and activity.”
Esther Buchmann | Norway
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